Hollywood Smile in Turkey

Step into the Spotlight with Your Stunning Hollywood Smile!

What is Hollywood Smile?

A beautiful smile provides advantages in many areas of life, increases self-confidence and communication success. In this context, Hollywood stars attract attention with their smiles, which are called “Hollywood smile” in recent years.

White teeth alone are not enough to achieve a beautiful smile. In addition to whiteness, the healthy appearance of the gums and the proportion of the teeth are also very important. Hollywood Smile, it is aimed to achieve a perfect smile by ensuring the harmony of gums, teeth, and lips.

With the Hollywood smile design, a healthy and white smile is aimed as a result of correcting the existing tooth structure of the person with porcelain crown, eliminating the incompatibility between the gums and teeth with gingival aesthetic applications.

Hollywood Smile Methods

The first thing to consider when making a Hollywood smile is that the smile shape should be quite deep. When smiling, the corners of the lips should rise higher than the middle of the upper lip. With the Hollywood smile design, even the top molars are quite visible. However, the point that will increase the energy you will spread around you is this deep smile. With a Hollywood smile, the upper front teeth are very prominent, and the gums can be seen up to 2 mm. In Hollywood smile design, the lips should be proportional and symmetrical with the width of the face. For the white, symmetrical, healthy, and energetic image desired to have with a Hollywood smile, it is necessary to go through some stages. These stages are as follows:

Design with Expectations

In the first stage of design, your expectations are listened to by your dentist. By learning the smile expression, you want to have, your current dental and oral health is examined. The required treatment strategies are then identified and communicated to you. Your expectations will be met in what way and to what extent is stated. Please list any further requests you may have. If you agree to the procedure, measurements are taken to create your custom dental design. Your dentist has created a design that allows you to visualize the type of smile you will have after treatment before it even begins. Your Hollywood smile process starts once you give your approval, the Hollywood smile process starts.

Porcelain Lumineers

For the Hollywood smile that reveals the teeth as they are without hiding, the upper front teeth should not be stained, broken or crooked. In case of such a problem, porcelain laminate application is performed to provide dental aesthetics. In this way, the upper front teeth are made more prominent than they are. The least amount of interference is allowed with the teeth. There is no subsequent color loss on the teeth because it includes a light transmission characteristic.

Gum Aesthetics

It's essential that the gum level be where you want it while generating a Hollywood smile. When performing this operation, the gums are retracted to a minimum of 2 mm before applying the laser under local anesthetic.

Dentistry Implant

Implant treatment is used to replace missing teeth if tooth loss interferes with the cosmetic look of the teeth. However, for implant treatment, there must be enough bone in the affected location to support the procedure.

Teeth Whitening

With the teeth whitening process, it is ensured that the teeth become 2-3 tones whiter than their normal tones. First of all, the tartar is cleaned, and the gums are completely covered with a protective gel, and then the teeth whitening process is applied. The method to be applied for white teeth is determined by the dentist.

Hollywood Smile Cost in Turkey

Erdem Hospital offers high-level service under the most favorable conditions. With an online free consultation, the price is determined after the treatment recommended by our doctors. Our prices are offered in all-inclusive packages. All services mentioned below will be included in the price.

  • Free consultation
  • All accommodation in a 5-star hotel
  • Pre/post-operative testing
  • Cost for laboratory
  • Medication and Equipment
  • All round VIP transfer
  • 7/24 Support
  • Assistants speak English

Before Hollywood Smile Operation

Foods that will aggravate the palate structure shouldn't be ingested, especially before the surgery. If the patient's palate is damaged, treatment is started there. First before the procedure. In addition, necessary controls are made before the procedure, and it is decided whether the patient is suitable for treatment. The question of how much Hollywood smile usually comes to the fore for those who will have the treatment. Since this treatment is in the field of aesthetics, it can be financially variable, but it can be high-budget. It is especially important where the treatment takes place. Prices increase in hospitals and clinics with a strong and well-equipped infrastructure. If a healthy result is desired, a well-equipped hospital can be preferred.

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After Hollywood Smile Operation

Hollywood smile is important for a healthy before and after treatment process. Solid foods that will harm the teeth and gums should be avoided for a while, particularly during the healing phase following the treatment. Additionally, emphasis is placed on general dental and oral health care. Because these should be carried out specifically if it is wanted to not suffer the tiniest trouble following the therapy. In the discipline of dentistry, the Hollywood grin is a cosmetic application that is prominent. Afterward, there are procedures to attend to. Practices that put oral health at risk should be avoided in the following process if oral health is to be completely protected. It is important to consider any advice and cautions that the doctor may have given the patient.

Oral and dental care before and after Hollywood smile is important. Following treatment, the dental health is at jeopardy if the essential attention is not given to oral care.  For this, it is necessary to brush the teeth daily with soft-headed brushes. In addition, oral care can be done daily with non-harmful mouthwashes. Hollywood smile is one of the most applied treatments in the field of aesthetics for men and women. However, this is important for oral health in the post-treatment period. After the treatment, it is also necessary to come to the control at certain intervals and keep the oral health under observation. Thus, a healthier mouth and tooth structure emerges for a long time.

Hollywood Smile Process



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Hollywood Smile in Turkey FAQ

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For your procedure, you might need a few appointments with your dentist. It is therefore best for you to travel to Istanbul a few days before to the procedure.

Depending on the process, you can need 7–10 days. Being prepared will be a wise decision.

The longevity of your Hollywood smile will mostly depend on the quality of any veneers, crowns, or dental implants you may have had fitted. The average lifespan of veneers, which are used more frequently, is 15 years. Porcelain veneers can last up to 20 years with adequate care, whereas composite veneers only last about 10 years.

Hollywood Smile, often known as a complete prosthetic reconstruction of both jaws employing caps, veneers, and frequently implants, is a comprehensive makeover of your smile. Dental crowns are required for Hollywood Smile on every tooth, or at the very least on every tooth that is visible.

The front teeth are covered with a dental veneer, a very thin, tooth-colored layer of material. In order to make teeth more appealing, this is done to restore their size, shape, and length. Dental veneers are an easy solution for patients who want to enhance their smile.

Depending on the degree of the misalignment and the desired outcome, you might need to straighten your teeth before receiving veneers. Remember to discuss with your dentist whether you want to or need to straighten your teeth in addition to getting veneers.

The lightest naturally occurring color is typically thought to be B1, which is much lighter than A3. But thanks to tooth whitening, patient-driven shades are now significantly lighter than this and are frequently referred to as "Hollywood white shades."

If the patient's teeth are severely damaged, installing crowns—artificial teeth or dental bridges made of ceramic or zirconium dioxide—is the only method to achieve a "Hollywood smile."

Although some people only have four top front teeth, most people choose to have veneers on their upper six or eight teeth.

The distance between the top of your tooth and the bottom of your upper lip when you smile "ideally" shouldn't be more than three millimeters. The upper laterals and lower incisors should have symmetrical half-oval or half-circular gum contours.

Teeth are not supposed to touch; you may not have known this. Although it seems strange, consider it. While you converse, grin, or relax, they don't touch. Even when you chew, your teeth don't have to really touch; they just need to be close enough to mash food.

The dental procedures that make up the Hollywood smile are selected based on the patient's requirements. The procedures at Hollywood Smile are carried out over a very little time (usually one to a few days).