Vaginoplasty in Turkey

Revitalize Your Intimate Wellness: Vaginoplasty for a Thriving Feminine Essence!

What is Vaginoplasty?

'Vagina tightening surgery' or 'vaginoplasty' is an operation which restores the old tightness of the enlarged vagina. Vaginal enlargement can occur for various reasons. Vaginoplasty is done to bring your vagina to the ideal size.

It is possible to say that it is between 7 and 10 cm for an average vagina. Sexual intercourse, births and age factor can cause the vagina to enlarge. According to studies, the high number of births is a big factor in the enlargement of the vagina. The number of children born by natural birth greatly affects the width of a person's vagina. Vaginal tightening surgery is needed because it affects sexual life when there is an abnormally large width in a woman's vagina. Both the self-confidence problem in women and the decrease in the quality of sexual life can be eliminated with a simple operation.

Vaginoplasty Methods

Vaginoplasty Cost in Turkey

Erdem Hospital offers high-level service under the most favorable conditions. With an online free consultation, the price is determined after the treatment recommended by our doctors. Our prices are offered in all-inclusive packages. All services mentioned below will be included in the price.

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Before Vaginoplasty Operation

The best period for this operation is the post-menstrual period. Preoperative infection treatment increases the chance of success of the surgery since the presence of a vaginal infection in the patient may adversely affect the recovery. If the patient has a current disease, the medications she uses, if any, must be evaluated by the physician and operation must be planned under optimum conditions. Finally, the patient who will undergo surgery should stop eating and drinking 4-6 hours before the operation. Vaginoplasty surgery is performed with a technique that gynecologists call repair colporrhaphy posterior, it is based on the principle of narrowing the vagina by removing an enlarged posterior vaginal tissue which is triangular tissue with the base below. In women with advanced dimensions, triangular tissue removal (cystocele repair) technique operation can be added from the lower bladder and upper vaginal wall. In addition, poorly healed epufyotomy scars (birth marks, tears) can be removed and perineal repair, can be added to the operation. In most of the cases, approximation and lifting sutures are placed in the muscle tissue called levator ani, which surrounds the entrance of the vagina, to increase the narrowness of the entrance and the grip strength of the penis.

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After Vaginoplasty Operation

The recovery process after vaginal tightening surgery is the most comfortable genital plastic surgery among genital plastic surgeries. Because the healing speed and process of the vagina region, which is the inner part of the genital region, is very fast. Since the vaginal area has a tissue type that renews and repairs itself very quickly, the postoperative recovery process is comfortable. After the vaginal tightening procedure, it takes 3-4 weeks for the tissues to heal, but less pain and less discomfort develops. Most importantly, the comments of those who have vaginal tightening are generally that the healing process is comfortable.

Sexual Intercourse After Vaginoplasty

For the first sexual intercourse after vaginoplasty surgery, it is necessary to wait for a recovery period of at least 4-6 weeks. During this period, the doctor performing the surgery should see you at least 1-2 times and make sure that the tissues are fully healed. It is quite common to experience some difficulties in the first sexual intercourse after surgery. The vagina, which has been quite enlarged over the years, will get used to the new form within 2-3 months, and until that time, problems such as pain, burning, stinging and sometimes numbness may be experienced. These complaints are completely resolved within a few months in almost all of the patients who underwent surgery and there is a full recovery.

Vaginoplasty Process



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Vaginoplasty in Turkey FAQ

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It is always beneficial for patients to fly in Istanbul a few days before the procedure. So, the necessary preparations can be made.

Planning a vacation that lasts at least 5 days is appropriate. You can recuperate through this method.

With plastic surgery, the contour of the body can be significantly altered.

Kegel exercises are a great technique to strengthen your pelvic floor, lessen incontinence, and improve your sexual pleasure. Throughout the day, you can tighten your pelvic floor muscles by doing Kegels many times a set.

Creating a new or artificial vagina after having your vagina surgically removed is known as vaginal reconstruction (vaginectomy). If your cancer has metastasized to the tissues around it, you might require a more extensive procedure. Your doctor might remove the vagina in whole or in part. your cervix and womb.

A typical self-pay patient might anticipate spending between $8,500 and $49,500, depending on the extent of the necessary procedure to achieve the greatest potential cosmetic result.

• Place your butt and shoulders up against a wall. Maintain soft knees.
• Draw your belly button closer to your spine. As you do this, flatten your back against the wall.
• Allow your bellybutton to go tight
• Repeat a few times per day.

The vaginal canal can be rejuvenated using the non-surgical vaginal laser therapy known as V-Lase. The tissues' young thickness and wetness are restored with V-Lase. It can lessen modest involuntary bladder leaks, vaginal atrophy, and vaginal dryness. It also results in improved sexual experiences for many women as a result.

Under general anesthesia, the treatment lasts between two and three hours.

A lower body procedure known as valvuloplasty constructs the vulva (which includes the mons, labia, clitoris, and urethral entrance) and removes the penis, scrotum, and testes.

Surgical and noninvasive procedures that constrict the vaginal canal or firm the skin around your vagina compose vaginal rejuvenation. It aids in the resolution of problems like incontinence, vaginal dryness, and sexual dysfunction.

Gynecologists are prepared to do vaginoplasty since they have extensive training in vaginal surgery and are knowledgeable about the anatomy of the vagina.