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What is Tummy Tuck?

Abdominoplasty is a plastic surgery technique that tightens the muscles of the abdominal wall and eliminates extra skin and fat from the middle and lower regions of the abdomen. This procedure has the potential to drastically alter how an enlarged abdomen looks.
The best candidates for an abdominoplasty are:
• Men and women with reasonably smooth bodies who are unable to lose significant amounts of abdominal skin loosening or fat accumulation through diet or exercise
• Female patients who have undergone several pregnancies and whose abdominal muscles and skin.
• Loss of elasticity in the skin due to mild obesity is common, and tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) may also be beneficial in these cases.

Tummy Tuck Methods

Tummy tuck surgery; also known as abdominoplasty in medicine. It is one of the most popular operations in the field of abdominal and belly aesthetics. Pregnancy period creates some disadvantages for women. Especially after this period, the muscles and skin in the abdomen cannot return to its pre-birth state. Therefore, unpleasant deformations occur in the abdomen. Women who have given birth more than twice or gain more weight than necessary during pregnancy. These are very affected by this situation.
Tummy tuck surgery is a preferred operation after pregnancy. Because, after this period, the connective tissue in the abdominal wall loosens. Also, the abdominal wall comes forward. Therefore, some cracks and slack formation are observed in the abdomen. As a result, women who cannot get over the effect of giving birth; and they encounter an image that will make them look bad from an aesthetic point of view. Tummy tuck surgery is done in order to save the abdominal region from the deformation and restore it. After the birth, the loose and sagging abdominal skin is recovered. In addition, during tummy tuck surgery, excess fat is removed from the area. It is ensured that the person has a flat stomach. Abdominoplasty surgeries differs depending on the person's condition. Mini tummy tuck surgeries usually take one to two hours. During general tummy tuck surgeries, an incision is made above the pubic region. In addition to this incision made between the two hip bones, a second incision is made to cut the connection between the navel and other tissues. In addition, the location of the belly button may change in general tummy tuck surgeries compared to mini operations.
In the process of tummy tuck surgery, the skin tissue is first stretched towards the ribs. It is lifted from where it is in order to clarify the remaining muscles in the lower part. It is aimed to reveal the abdominal muscles. The abdominal muscles in question are combined and shaped. In addition, they need to be fixed by sewing in order to preserve their shape. In the next stage of tummy tuck surgery, the skin on the upper surface is pulled down and stretched. Belly button is required to be sewn in order to remain stable while being placed in its new place. Precautions are also taken against situations that may occur during tummy tuck surgery. For example, a drain is placed in the surgical area during the operation in order to remove the blood and edema, which is undesirable to accumulate inside. Thanks to these tubes, the blood and fluid in the wound are thrown out. Each of these procedures is carried out while the patient is asleep. In addition, local anesthesia is also used in mini tummy tuck operations.

Tummy Tuck Cost in Turkey

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Before Tummy Tuck Operation

Those who have sagging abdominal skin that does not respond to diet and exercise are candidates for this surgery, which is applied to both women and men. This surgery should be postponed in those who have a pregnancy and weight loss plan. All drugs-herbal products used, and smoking should be stopped before the operation. Abdominoplasty is not a weight loss method. It is an operation that stretches your abdominal skin and tightens your abdominal muscles. Along with it, liposuction is mostly used for retouching. It is not correct to do it at the same time as birth. The patient needs to wait at least six months. The operation is performed in the hospital under general or regional anesthesia and takes 2-4 hours. It is performed through an incision hidden inside the underwear. The abdominal muscles are strengthened, and the skin is stretched closed, so when you wake up you find yourself in a curved "V" shape at the waist. Your drains are removed in 1-4 days. It is recommended to walk leaning forward. If dissolving sutures were utilized, removal is not necessary. 1 month corset use is necessary. Apart from the classical tummy tuck, mini abdominoplasty may be preferred for those with a relatively tighter abdomen and limited skin laxity. Here, the incision is short, and the surgery-recovery time is also short. Circumferential abdominoplasty or 360-degree tummy tuck (belt lipectomy) may be preferred for those who have all-around drooping, who have undergone bariatric surgery after excessive weight loss. In these surgeries, the belly button is also shaped, and the aesthetic appearance is completed by taking it to its ideal place and shape.
Your surgeon will give you information about meals, drinks, smoking, necessary and unneeded vitamins and medications to prepare you for the procedure. Do not expose your abdomen to the sun before surgery and do not follow a strict diet, as both of these can reduce your rate of recovery. In case of any cold or infection, the surgical procedure will likely be postponed. Whether you are hospitalized for the surgical procedure or not, you should also arrange for someone to help you with the housework for a day or two.

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After Tummy Tuck Operation

During the first few days after tummy tuck surgery, you may have swelling, pain and discomfort in your abdomen. These complaints can be controlled with medications. Depending on the extent of the surgery, you may go home a few hours after the procedure, or you may need to stay in the hospital for a few days. Your doctor will give you some advice on showering and changing your clothes. You may not be able to stand upright initially, however, you should start walking as soon as possible after the procedure. The sutures on the surface are removed in 5-7 days, the ends of the deep sutures are on the surface of the skin will come out within 2-3 weeks. A supportive garment can be used in place of the dressings on the incision.
It may take weeks or months for you to feel the same as before. If you are in good physical condition and your abs are strong at the beginning, your recovery will be much faster. Some patients can return to work after two weeks, while others may need 3-4 weeks of rest to recover. Exercise improves your acceleration. Even people who have never exercised before need to start an exercise program to reduce bloating, lower the risk of blood clots, and put tension in the muscles. However, you should avoid strenuous exercises until the day you can do it comfortably. Your scars (surgical scars) may seem to get worse for the first 3-6 months, but this is normal. Keep in mind that it may take 9-12 months for scars to flatten and lighten. Although they never completely disappear, abdominal scars are not visible under most clothing (or even swimsuits).
Whether partial or complete, tummy tuck provides excellent results for people with weakened abdominal muscles or excessive sagging skin.

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Tummy Tuck in Turkey FAQ

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You should plan to travel to Istanbul two days before the procedure. This is how you can complete all of your exams, blood tests, and other necessary procedures, as well as mentally getting ready for surgery.

A planned vacation of seven days will be sufficient for your entire operation. Don't forget to check out some of Istanbul's stunning tourist attractions.

A stomach tuck may cause a three-to-four-pound weight decrease. Expect to shed about three pounds of extra skin and fat if you choose a little truck. If you decide to, you can expect to lose roughly five pounds of extra skin and fat.

After a tummy tuck, there will be some discomfort, with the worst discomfort occurring within the first week. For the first few days to a week, pain is frequently rated at around a 6-7 on a scale of 1 to 10, then drops to about a 3 to 4 in the second week.

The results are long-lasting, and the eliminated fat cells won't grow back, but if you gain a lot of weight, the skin may stretch again, and the remaining fat cells may enlarge.

Your waist size can be reduced and your confidence in your curves restored with a professionally executed tummy tuck. While other people may have more minor changes, some patients may experience significant waist reduction. How much tissue may be safely removed will determine everything.

96% of patients claim that the procedure is worthwhile despite the cost, scars, and recovery time.

Compared to liposuction, tummy tucks require more extensive treatments. A stomach tuck reconstructs the muscles of the abdomen and eliminates extra skin, whereas lipo merely removes extra fat.

Fat cells are removed from the body during body sculpting treatments like a stomach tuck and cannot reappear. Patients may have weight gain in their legs, arms, breasts, and buttocks as a result.

Even yet, the pelvic area and upper thighs will frequently benefit from a tummy tuck to a lesser extent. For the optimum outcome, a simultaneous pubis lift is frequently needed. In most instances, the healing time will remain the same.

Since a tummy tuck focuses on tightening the skin and muscles in your abdomen and reshaping the belly region, it does not include a pubic lift. Although it's not intended, in certain situations, general midsection shaping, and trimming might help in enhancing the appearance of your pubic region.

A tummy tuck won't get rid of a lot of stubborn fat, and if you lose a lot of weight afterward, you can end up with more extra skin than before. In order to remove excess skin and fat at the same time, many patients opt to combine liposuction with their stomach tuck.