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What is Thigh Lift?

Excess skin and fat on the thighs can cause an unsightly saddlebag appearance. Tissue build-up on the thighs can prevent clothing from fitting attractively, and you may feel uncomfortable doing many of the activities you love. Unwanted thigh skin is often caused by genetics, pregnancy, or weight gain. However, it is possible to solve these problems with thigh lift aesthetics.

Thigh lift aesthetics can focus on one or more areas of the upper leg. These are the inner thigh and outer thigh. Bilateral thigh lift can be done to lift the front and outside of the upper leg. To tighten the thighs, the surgeon ideally shapes the tissue and places deep sutures to fix the inner layers. The skin is pulled over the new muscle and fat lines, straightened, and secured with external sutures.

Thigh Lift Cost in Turkey

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Before Thigh Lift Operation

The sagging rate of the skin and the thickness of the subcutaneous adipose tissue are the main factors that determine the type and technique of the surgery to be performed. If there is a skin loosening due to weight gain and loss and the amount of fat is high, then liposuction is applied first. The extra skin is surgically removed after liposuction. Sometimes the excessive skin is usually limited to the inguinal region. The skin can then heal, leaving only a little scar that can be concealed by undergarments.  In most cases, the abundance of skin is in the form of a bagging that continues from the groin to the inner middle part of the leg. In this case, leg stretching is achieved by leaving a vertical scar on the inside of the leg extending from the groin to the inner middle part of the leg. This scar is usually not visible from the front or the back.

Before the thigh lift operation, photographs of both thighs are taken with a difference of 45 degrees, from waist level to below the knee. Then, a joint plan is made with the patient for the operation to be performed to correct the problem over the photographs. After anesthesia and blood tests, the operation is planned. The sagging parts of the thigh and the amount of excess fat are planned in detail. The necessary drawings are made before the operation.

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After Thigh Lift Operation

The most common complication of this surgery is the collection of blood called hematoma under the skin and tissue. Although this is rare, it may require removal of the accumulated blood with a drain. Sometimes, collection of serum under the skin, which we call seroma, can be seen 1-2 weeks after the operation. This fluid can be drained with a needle if the surgeon deems it necessary. This is a painless procedure. Sometimes there may be problems such as infection, wound healing. These are complications that can be prevented or easily controlled if the patient and doctor are in good communication. In addition, smoking after this surgery greatly increases the risk of all kinds of complications. There is always a chance that these operations will result in scars that are enlarged and seem unattractive. Wound healing and the associated scarring vary from patient to patient.

Recovery after thigh lift surgery varies according to the surgery performed. Whether it is a single thigh lift or a T-shaped thigh lift, the recovery period should be carefully followed. Because the operation of the walking organ and the contact of the surgical incision area with the urine are the most important factors affecting the recovery. If possible, the patient should walk several times a day in the first week and avoid excessive movements, and it may even be beneficial to stay in the urinary catheter for 1 week.

Patients can be discharged the next day. The surgically implanted drains are typically removed within 1-2 days. 2-3 days later, you can take a shower. For one month, a customized corset is worn.  In the first days, the legs are tried to be kept above the heart level while lying and sitting. No stitches are required. While walking can be started immediately after the surgery, sports activities are allowed after 4-6 weeks.

The rest period is important for this surgery. Because the stitches are in the groin area and can be deformed very easily, creating wounds, and opening. In addition, bandages and dressings should be changed and should not be neglected. Your doctor will recommend you a pain reliever for possible pain. When you feel pain, you can use the recommended drug without exceeding a certain dose. Your doctor's instructions are important for post-surgery and recovery.

Thigh Lift Process



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Thigh Lift in Turkey FAQ

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It is advised to arrive in Istanbul at least two days prior to the procedure. You can take it easy the days after you arrive and finish all the exams the day before the procedure.

Your procedure and recovery time will be around 7-8 days. Istanbul is a fantastic location with stunning tourist attractions. You might thus want to explore. Your trip should be organized properly.

An incision is performed at the point where the thigh and pubic area connect during an inner thigh lift. Following the removal of a wedge of skin and fat, the skin is closed, which results in skin tightening, a better leg contour, and increased skin elasticity. is made to tighten the skin on the outside and front of the leg.

Without drains, a seroma—an accumulation of this fluid—can occur. Drains are left in place until 24-hour drainage totals total less than 25 ml per drain. This often takes 5-7 days, however it occasionally takes less time or more time. The drains are simple to maintain and painless to remove.

A buttock/thigh lift, commonly referred to as a thighplasty, tightens and elevates sagging skin in the thigh and buttock region to improve contour.

By removing extra localized fat deposits, liposuction is a cosmetic surgery that can thin and sculpt particular body parts. In the hands of a skilled surgeon, liposuction can effectively restructure the thighs and prevent fat from accumulating in the treated area.

After a thigh lift, patients can often sit provided it is comfortable and does not put any strain on the incision sites. The surgeon can advise bed rest for the initial week, depending on the kind of thigh lift procedure that was carried out.

After a single cryolipolysis procedure, the average reduction in fat in the treated areas is between 20 and 80 percent.

Excess skin on the inner thighs is removed during a small thigh lift. Your thighs will be more defined and free of extra, sagging skin as a result. The smaller procedure—which will result in a smaller incision and, thus, a smaller scar—of a minor thigh lift makes it a popular choice.

Though eliminating cellulite is not the aim of a thigh lift. By removing extra, sagging skin, the procedure aims to reshape the thighs. To produce thighs that are smoother and more toned, the underlying muscle and tissue are tightened.

Your incisions need to have completely healed by six weeks, and your thighs' swelling ought to be at its least. Your scars, which can be anywhere from light red to dark purple in hue, will still be evident. Most activities can be resumed right now without risk.

A less invasive procedure to smooth and tone the thighs is a scarless thigh lift. Your surgeon might advise Renuvion instead of a conventional thigh lift if you have minor skin laxity issues. You can feel better about your physique and achieve your cosmetic goals with the help of the surgery.