Prostatectomy in Turkey

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What is Prostatectomy?

Before giving information about what prostatectomy is, it is essential to know what the prostate is. The prostate is a gland found in men, located just below the bladder, in front of the intestines, and is one of the parts of the male reproductive system. The prostate has some functions. Examples such as producing fluid to protect sperm, preserving sperm in this fluid, and preventing urinary incontinence can be given.

The prostate in men grows when they enter puberty, but it is still not known exactly why the prostate grows. Some prostate diseases may occur with the growth of the prostate. There are three most common forms of this disease. They are prostate inflammation, benign prostatic hyperplasia, and prostate cancer. Many men may face these diseases.

Prostatectomy surgery is the name given to the surgical removal of this prostate. In a prostatectomy, either all or part of the prostate gland can be removed. It is a surgery for the treatment of the above-mentioned diseases. There are two different types of prostatectomies.

Prostatectomy Methods

Simple Prostatectomy

Simple prostatectomy is a surgical procedure to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia when there is a non-cancerous enlargement of the prostate gland. In this surgery, only the enlarged part of the prostate gland is removed, and the rest is left.

Radical Prostatectomy

Radical prostatectomy is a surgical procedure for prostate cancer. The aim is to remove the entire prostate and seminal vesicles. The patient is usually given general anesthesia. Radical prostatectomy is performed by open or laparoscopic surgery.

What are Open Prostatectomy and Robotic Prostatectomy?

Open prostatectomy is an open surgical procedure to remove the prostate gland and sometimes the surrounding tissues. It is performed when there is an obstruction blocking the flow of urine due to an enlarged prostate or prostate cancer.

Robotic prostatectomy is a minimally invasive surgical method for the removal of the prostate gland. In this surgery, a robotic surgical system is used. Robotic surgery system has three-dimensional image and movement capability. This method is mostly used for prostate cancer. The doctor makes only a few incisions and removes the prostate gland with robotic tools. There is less bleeding and pain compared to open prostatectomy.

Prostatectomy Cost in Turkey

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Before Prostatectomy Surgery

Before the surgery, a specialist urologist will examine you. After the examination, the specialist will explain which type of surgery is best for you and give you some instructions accordingly. Your general health is examined and some tests such as blood and urine tests are performed.

You must inform your doctor about your health history and the medications you are taking, and the doctor may ask you not to take them. For example, if you are taking blood thinners, the doctor may prohibit these medications because they increase the risk of bleeding during surgery.

You should pay attention to what you eat and drink before the surgery. You should definitely consume healthy foods. You may not be allowed to eat or drink anything the night before the surgery, your doctor will tell you everything you need to do according to your health condition.

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After Prostatectomy Surgery

After the surgery, the doctor and medical team will take you to the recovery room to check your general health. If necessary, you will be given painkillers. You may need a liquid diet for the first two days, after which you can eat solid foods again. A few days after the surgery, the medical team will help you to walk, walking is an effective method for your health.

You may continue to feel tired after discharge, this is normal. Please do not lift heavy and do not do strenuous exercises for a few weeks. The surgery can be harmful to your wound.

Most people can return to their normal life after about seven to eight weeks. If you have had a robotic prostatectomy, the recovery time is shorter. It is possible to return to your old life after about four to six weeks. However, this may vary depending on your health condition, it is best to consult your doctor.

Prostatectomy Process



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Prostatectomy Surgery in Turkey FAQ

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A prostatectomy takes approximately two hours. You will be completely asleep because you will be under general anesthesia.

There are lots of people who are afraid of this surgery because of this question. But do not worry, the answer is yes. People who do not have prostates can live full and healthy lives.

Prostatectomies are a common surgical procedure for prostate cancer that has not spread beyond the prostate.

You do not feel pain or discomfort during the surgery because you will be given anesthesia, but after the surgery, you can feel pain. Because prostate removal is major surgery, you should expect some discomfort and pain. You will initially be given IV pain medication, and your doctor may prescribe you pain medication to take at home.

Most patients return home within 2 to 4 days of having their prostate gland removed. But patients can usually go home within 24 to 48 hours if they underwent robotic surgery.

This is determined in part by the type of work you do. You can return to work two to three weeks after prostatectomy surgery. If you work in a more physically demanding job, you need to take up to four to six weeks off.

The urologist informs the patient about the process to be experienced after the surgery. However, the patient is prohibited from heavy lifting, sudden movement, and strenuous exercise for approximately one to one and a half months. Smoking, alcohol consumption, and a healthy diet should be avoided.

Please do not drink coffee, tea, or fizzy drinks. We recommend that you drink plenty of water until your bladder is completely cleared. Whenever your doctor permits you, you can start drinking coffee.

A patient should avoid having sex for seven to eight weeks.

Yes, it is safe surgery, but as in every surgery, there are risks such as bleeding and infection in prostatectomy surgery. At this point, the most important thing is that the patient chooses an expert urologist. You can do research on the internet for professional hospitals and doctors.

Avoid foods that cause gas, such as flour, beans, and broccoli. To avoid eating large meals all at once for a few days after surgery, try to spread out eating throughout the day with snacks and small meals.

Lying on your back is one of the best sleeping positions after prostatectomy.