Otoplasty in Turkey

Unlock the Beauty of Your Ears: Otoplasty Redefines Self-Expression!

What is Otoplasty?

Otoplasty is another name for prominent ear correction surgery. It is also called as ear aesthetics. Otoplasty is applied for protruding or large ears where the angle between the scalp and the auricle increases due to problems in the ear structure.

Ear structure is examined before otoplasty. Ear folds may be underdeveloped, the cartilage structure is weak outward, strong in the posterior lower part, and may push the girdle outward, the ear may be normally large and protruding. The angle between the auricle and the scalp can be considered normal up to 22-24 degrees, the angles above this are considered as protruding ears and should be corrected if it disturbs the person in his/her daily life and social life.

Otoplasty Methods

Otoplasty Cost in Turkey

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Before Otoplasty Operation

Before otoplasty, the patient's medical history is carefully taken. If there are regular medications, chronic diseases, or previous surgeries, the patient should inform the doctor. After the physical examination, photographs of the ears are taken and the patient's expectations are taken. If it is decided that s/he is a suitable candidate for otoplasty, the patient is asked to stop using aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs, and herbal supplements that may increase bleeding before the operation. Smoking can slow blood flow and the healing process. If the patient smokes, it is recommended to stop smoking before the surgery and during the recovery period.

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After Otoplasty Operation

After prominent ear surgery, the patient's ears are covered with a bandage for protection and support. As a result, some discomfort and itching may be felt. Localized pain and swelling may occur in and around the ears on the first day after surgery. In this case, pain relievers can be used as recommended by the doctor. Although it is recommended to rest for the first week, care should be taken not to stay still to maintain blood draw. When lying down, a position with the head up should be preferred. No pressure should be applied to the ears, patients should not be lying on their sides, if possible, loose-collared or buttoned tops should be preferred. It is normal for the ears to be swollen and red when the bandages are removed a few days after otoplasty. It is recommended to wear a loose headband that covers the ears at night for 2-6 weeks. This prevents the ears from bending forward when turning in bed. If a self-dissolving suture is used, there is no need for suture removal. Otherwise, the stitches should be removed within the time specified by the doctor. There is no problem in taking a bath after the bandages are removed after the surgery, but the back of the ear should not be left wet after the bath. The creams recommended by your doctor should be used as recommended for the scar areas. Thus, the formation of traces will be prevented. Although the bandages are removed at the end of the first 3 days, it is important to wear the bandage at night for the first week to protect the ears, especially at night, and not to open them by putting on the pillow during sleep. The first dressing made during the surgery is checked at the time prescribed by your doctor. After the dressing area is checked, the bandage is used in line with your doctor's recommendations. Heavy sports activities should be avoided for 2 months after the surgery. During this period, walking and light-paced sportive activities can be done unless there is an activity that will force the ear. The use of cigarettes and other tobacco products may cause tissue circulatory disorders and increase the possibility of adverse conditions such as infection, wound separation, and thick scars due to their effects that impair wound healing. It is essential to shield the ear from hits.

Otoplasty Process



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Otoplasty in Turkey FAQ

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For the tests and examinations, you need to undergo before the operation, it would be better for the patients to be in Istanbul a few days before the surgery.

Otoplasty surgery typically lasts 1.5 hours. The entire process—preparation, surgery, and recovery—usually takes one week. Therefore, we can predict that you will stay in Istanbul for about 5 days. You can extend your stay to view Istanbul's ancient sites and the lovely Bosphorus.

Since it is a surgical intervention, the results will be life-long.

The experts state that the best age for an application as otoplasty is around 5 years old.

You will not feel anything throughout the surgery, but there may be some discomfort and maybe itching after the surgery.

There may be some slight changes as the age develops. But a complete return is rarely seen.

Children can feel more secure about how they look by having otoplasty (or ear surgery) to fix cosmetic abnormalities affecting the ears. As more parents become aware of the effect that children's ears might have on their developing self-esteem, otoplasty has grown in popularity in recent years.

For six to eight weeks following ear surgery, most otoplasty patients wear the headband when sleeping and participating in sports.

It is not observed that an otoplasty operation has affected hearing.

An average person needs 1-2 weeks to recuperate from an otoplasty. In the third week following surgery, there can still be some swelling or bruising, but you should now be able to see how your new ears will appear. Wearing headphones is one activity you should avoid.

Your ears will be numb for two to three months following otoplasty. It's wonderful that you don't feel any pain, but it also means that you might not notice the consequences of frostbite and burning.

The majority of patients resume work in 4 to 7 days. For six weeks, patients should refrain from contact sports. Following surgery, patients can swim 14 days later.