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What is Hair Transplant?

Hair Transplant is the process of transferring hair follicles taken from the hairy areas of people to the area where the hair is thinned or fell. The process begins with the collection of hair follicles to be used as donors, and then hair transplantation takes place. For the hair selected as a donor, the priority is the hair follicles in the nape area, The patient is encouraged to take care of the hair follicles prior to the treatment or, if there is not enough, chest hair can be placed as a backup option.  Lately, with the transfers from country to country became much more easier individuals prefer to gain the best results by visiting different countries for aesthetic reasons. So, the Health Tourism is risen as a result of this situation.

Health tourism, which has become quite active in recent years, is based on the fact that patients visit different countries for treatments. Turkey is at the forefront of the countries with the highest number of visitors in the field of health tourism, and at the beginning of the cities; Istanbul is coming. 1/3 of the tourists our country hosts for treatment purposes prefer Turkey for hair transplant and plastic surgery operations. Compared to other countries, Turkey's leading position in hair transplantation consists of more than one reason. The success rate of the operations, the fact that the doctors are much more experienced due to the intensity of male pattern hair loss in our geography, the affordable price policy, the technology used in the operations, the fact that Turkey is very rich and attractive in terms of touristic features and is a safe city, as well as the clean, high quality and affordable accommodation alternatives. This is the reason why Turkey is preferred for health tourism. In addition, the fact that our country is surrounded by seas causes it to play an active role in health and hair transplant tourism by sea. The process speed, which is completely based on experience and educational background, has reached an advanced level in hair transplant operations applied in Turkey. Hair transplants using 3000-5000 grafts can be performed in an average of 6-9 hours in Turkey, while in European countries 2-3 days may be required for the same procedure. The fact that the procedure can be completed in a shorter time is not only more comfortable for the patient, but also very valuable in terms of time savings. According to the tourism statistics announced in 2016, it was determined that 60,000 tourists visited our country for hair transplantation throughout 2015. The data, which was determined to be an average of 5000 people per month, showed an increasing graphic over the past years. According to Google data encountered as a result of another research; searches for "hair transplant in Turkey" in English have increased at an extraordinary rate in the last 5 years. One of the most important reasons why our country, which attracts serious visitors from Italy, Saudi Arabia, Greece, Spain, Kuwait, and Russia within the scope of health tourism, has become a brand especially in hair transplantation is the fact that Turkish doctors contribute to many studies carried out abroad in the field of hair transplantation.

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When it comes to beauty in both men and women, one of the first things that comes to mind is hair. Hair is the most important accessory that allows both genders to have self-confidence. For an intervention something that much important requires professional hands. We can easily say that Turkey is the world leader in hair transplant operations. Every year, an average of 100,000 foreigners from all over the world come to Turkey for hair transplant operations. The reason why hair transplantation is so popular in Turkey is the low-price system. Additionally, Turkey is a nation that makes a difference with its plastic surgeons and hair transplant specialists.  A reliable doctor, hygienic clinic, best equipments, perfect organization, experienced hair transplant team and reasonable price is very important requirements for hair transplant. Since hair transplantation is a very common procedure in Turkey, especially the doctors in Turkey are very experienced.

Consequently, we can say; Turkey, one of the largest medical tourism centers in the world, is an excellent choice for surgery and especially for hair transplantation. Hair transplant costs in Turkey are very affordable, which means hair restoration is easier. If you are looking for the best hair transplant treatment in Turkey at an affordable cost, then you are at the right place.

Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey

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Hair Transplant in Turkey FAQ

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The world's greatest option for hair transplant surgery is Turkey, as a result, the country's medical tourism industry is growing quickly.

Turkey's lower living and labor costs, which make treatment costs more reasonable than in other European nations, are mostly the reason for the lower cost of hair transplants there.

Turkey, Poland, Hungary, Spain, Thailand, Germany, Mexico, India, Malaysia, UK are the ten top countries for hair transplant. But Turkey with the quality and low costs is in the first place.

However, in Turkey, the entire process, including travel and lodging fees, ranges from $2,200 to $7,000 depending on a variety of factors, including the quantity of grafts required, the method selected, the clinic, and the surgeon.

More than $6 billion is spent annually on hair transplants worldwide, with Turkey accounting for a sixth of this total. Turkey is a popular location for hair transplants due to its affordable hair restoration procedures.

Absolutely! There is a reason Turkey is the first nation that come to mind when discussing hair transplantation around the world.

The proficiency of the medical team in Turkey has a significant impact on the success rate of hair transplants. The success rate is 98% when conducted by a medical team with extensive experience.