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What is Gynecomastia?

Although there is no structural difference between male breasts and female breasts, the reason why male breasts are smaller is the lack of female hormones in men. However, in some cases, the breasts in men also start to grow and reach a size almost like a woman's breast. The breast, which has been a symbol of femininity and fertility throughout history, naturally causes various social and psychological problems when it reaches large sizes in men. The solution to the problem of breast enlargement in men is gynecomastia. With the surgery, men can get rid of their large and saggy breasts and continue their lives.

Gynecomastia means breast enlargement in men and a feminine appearance of the breast. It is a problem that can be seen in about half of the male population. A strong, tight, and taut rib cage is essential for a masculine appearance. Sagging and oily breasts cause problems, especially in summer. Men living with this problem wear the clothes they want and go to the sea.

Gynecomastia Methods

Male pattern breast enlargement usually disappears on its own over time. Therefore, no treatment is required. However, when it occurs due to a disease, the underlying disease should be treated. In adolescents, there is usually no cause other than the hormonal changes that occur during puberty. In such cases, gynecomastia is followed up by the doctor every three or six months. It often disappears in less than two years. However, in case of physical discomfort such as breast pain, hypersensitivity, or emotional problems such as feeling of embarrassment, surgery is considered. These surgeries are liposuction or mastectomy. With liposuction, excess fat tissue in the breast is taken out of the body. In this procedure, the breast tissue is not touched. In mastectomy operation, breast tissue is taken.

Breast enlargement in men can be soft (lipomatous) or hard (glandular). Breast size may differ. With laser lipolysis, it may be possible to remove the fat tissue, break up the fibrous (breast tissue) tissue and recover the sagging breast skin. Laser lipolysis is the destruction of fat cells by heating with laser beams. With this process, it also breaks down the connective tissue and collagen that has lost its elasticity and increases the formation of young connective tissue and collagen. Laser lipolysis, which is a very innovative treatment in body shaping applications, is effectively used in the treatment of regional fat and skin laxity. In the application that can be performed even in the clinic, the incision is between 1-2 mm, so there is almost no scar after the surgery. After laser lipolysis, the patient can return to work or social life immediately. One of the advantages of laser lipolysis is that it provides healing in a short time and the bandaging time is short. Gynecomastia treatment with laser lipolysis gives very fast and satisfactory results, especially in patients whose breast size is not too large, rich in adipose tissue, and skin sagging does not require surgery.

Gynecomastia Cost in Turkey

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Before Gynecomastia Operation

Starting from 2 weeks before the operation, the consumption of medications such as aspirin, which has a blood thinner, that is, reducing blood clotting, herbal products such as green tea, and vitamins such as vitamin E is stopped. If for any reason, hormone-containing drugs such as birth control pills are used, it is beneficial to stop them one month before the operation date, with the knowledge of the doctor, one month before the operation, in order to reduce the risk of clot formation in the legs. If these points are not taken into consideration, the risk of encountering unexpected bleeding complications during or after surgery increases. A detailed list of foods, drugs, vitamins, and herbal products that have blood thinning effects is given to the patient. Alcohol and cigarettes should not be consumed before gynecomastia surgery. It will be beneficial in all respects to reduce the body mass index to normal limits before the operation. Especially obese patients are recommended to lose weight first. On the other hand, days before the surgery, a serious diet should not be done anymore, a balanced diet should be done, and it is important very well rested. The operation should be performed at a time when the physical and mental health is at its best. After stressful and tiring periods such as exams or long travel, at least one week should be rested and then surgery should be considered. In the period before the gynecomastia surgery, a preliminary interview is made with the anesthesiology specialist of the hospital where the surgery will be performed 1-2 days before the surgery. After this interview, necessary tests and PCR tests are performed. Medications used for chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, thyroid disease and diabetes should also be used regularly in the preoperative period, and it should be confirmed in the preoperative period that their diseases are stable and under control.

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After Gynecomastia Operation

The period after gynecomastia surgery varies according to the technique used. If the enlarged breast tissue in a man has been removed using the surgical excision technique, a drain is placed and withdrawn depending on the amount of fluid that comes after the surgery. Again, in this case, there are usually stitches in the colored part of the breast, called the areola, and they are also dressed. Today, liposuction, especially ultrasonic VASER liposuction, is preferred in most of the gynecomastia surgeries. In this surgical technique, a small incision is made and a serum containing drugs that stop bleeding and reduce pain is injected into the breast tissue. Since the surgical incisions are very small and the serum containing painkillers is given, the post-operative pain is felt much less. Since there is a drug in the same serum that will reduce bleeding and especially VASER protects blood vessels, a drain is usually not placed. If the gynecomastia treatment is done with Liposuction, the patient can be discharged after the surgery without going to bed in appropriate conditions. The pressure corset is worn continuously for 3-4 weeks, and if possible, at night in 2 months.

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Gynecomastia in Turkey FAQ

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Gynecomastia can be cured by giving up its causes, such as steroids, narcotics, and excessive alcohol intake. Male breast size may be affected by body fat reduction, which can be achieved through weight loss, dieting, and exercise.

In most cases, gynecomastia is a benign (noncancerous) disorder. It might be connected to numerous distinct reasons why hormones vary. The cause is frequently unknown.

Gynecomastia is caused more by extra breast tissue than fat. Gynecomastia breast tissue cannot be reduced by exercise or weight loss. A different disorder called pseudo gynecomastia causes fat to accumulate in the breasts, maybe as a result of being overweight or obese.

Your risk of breast cancer may slightly rise if you have gynecomastia or enlarged male breast tissue. You still have an extremely low risk of getting male breast cancer even if you have gynecomastia. Gynecomastia typically goes away on its own, with little to no therapy and little chance of long-term consequences.

Stress may stimulate the adrenal gland to secrete more estrogen precursors, which among other things may be a contributing factor to recurrent gynecomastia.

You can now rapidly and permanently lower your breast size with gynecomastia surgery. We can help you improve your confidence, obtain a more masculine chest, and get relief from back discomfort through a variety of surgical treatments.

An element that contributes to the onset of gynecomastia is diet. An excessively high-fat, high-carb, and high-sugar diet is obviously bad for everyone, but it can also develop bulges all throughout your body, particularly in the breast tissue.

In an effort to pinpoint the possible causes of gynecomastia, patients' liver function, age, weight, height, and drug use were also evaluated. According to the findings, right or left heart failure and gynecomastia are positively correlated.

Sometimes being overweight or obese might make a man's excessively huge chest worse. While it is ideal to maintain a healthy weight for both aesthetic and general health reasons, the majority of cases of genuine gynecomastia cannot be treated by dieting and exercise.

Gynecomastia in men with low testosterone can be treated with testosterone replacement therapy.