FUE Hair Transplant in Turkey

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What is FUE Hair Transplant?

One of the two fundamental techniques for transferring hair follicles is a FUE hair transplant. The hair follicles are removed one by one from the donor area in this technique, which has been used since 2004. With their numbered ends, the roots are removed one by one from the back of the hair to the micromotor tissue of 0.7–1 mm and planted in the open or sparse area. In the open field, approximately 2,500–3,500 hair grafts can be implanted. It is carried out without the use of sutures or other kind of surgical technique.

How is FUE Hair Transplantation Performed?

Grafts are removed from the visitors as necessary during the first part of the operation without harming the tissue. After this procedure, there is typically little discomfort and a quick recovery. Only the area where the hair follicles to be transplanted are taken may have scratches, but these also heal in 24 hours with the help of a prescription medication without leaving scars and scarring in a very short period of time.

Who is a Candidate for FUE Hair Transplant?

  • Those with regional hair loss
  • Males aged 20 to 75 who are in good health
  • Hair transplantation is done on ladies who shed their hair excessively.
  • Anyone who wants thicker hair and feels theirs is insufficient can use it.

Where to Have FUE Hair Transplantation?

The FUE hair transplantation technique has grown in popularity among doctors nowadays and has demonstrated that it is a more reliable technique. hair transplant operation can be performed by a medical team of at least 3 people and your specialist doctor in a hospital or medical center that can be fully performed under sterile surgical conditions. While making the choice of center where these transactions will take place; You need to take care that the surgical environment is sterile and all conditions are legal and keeping your health in the foreground. In addition, the prices vary in terms of planting technique and shaved or unshaven planting.

FUE Hair Transplant Advantages

The most recent approach used since 2004 is the FUE method. Compared to the old method, it is a much more comfortable operation for both the patient and the physician.  It is a technique that is receptive to technological advancements, therefore it gains more and more benefits from technology every day.

FUE Hair Transplan Methods

The FUE technique is the best for hair transplantation when you don't want any scars to show. Our staff, who will supply the hair follicles and carefully arrange the planting area, can offer you with information on the costs associated with the FUE hair transplantation method. You can discover all the specifics of the technique in this way, which enables you to experience the healing processes without experiencing any health issues and yields the greatest visual results. You will be able to obtain reasonably priced services for hair transplantation thanks to our specialists, who will outline the advantages one by one.

FUE Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey

Erdem Hospital offers high-level service under the most favorable conditions. With an online free consultation, the price is determined after the treatment recommended by our doctors. Our prices are offered in all-inclusive packages. All services mentioned below will be included in the price.

  • Free consultation
  • All accommodation in a 5-star hotel
  • Pre/post-operative testing
  • Cost for laboratory
  • Medication and Equipment
  • All round VIP transfer
  • 7/24 Support
  • Assistants speak English

Before FUE Hair Transplant

When you examine the methods of hair transplantation, you may want to have information about the process of the FUE method. Various factors will determine how long this process will take. At this point, the size of the areas to be treated with hair transplantation and the quantity of grafts to be used will be effective. Furthermore, it is crucial that the individuals doing the treatment behave professionally. This will make it evident how many sessions are necessary to complete the hair transplant procedure as well as how long each session will last. With this procedure, which enables the hair follicles to be carefully chosen and selectively extracted from specific regions one at a time rather than being planted in bulk to the desired area, we claim that more effective results are waiting for you.

After FUE Hair Transplant

  • After surgery, salt shouldn't be consumed.
  • People should drink a lot of water, and they should take their medications on a regular basis.
  • For 10 days, avoid touching the transplanted region and wash it with hair lotion.
  • One day of recuperation is advised following FUE hair transplantation, and the patient can go back to work the following day.
  • It takes an average of 9 months for the transplanted hair to fully grow out. It starts to grow after the third month.
  • First Month Control (hair strengthening prp treatment should be started extra.)
  • Second Month Control (Hair Prp 2nd Session)
  • Third Month Control (hair Prp 3rd Session)
  • Fourth Month Control (Hair Prp 4th Session)
  • Sixth Month Control
  • Ninth Month Control
  • Twelfth Month Control

FUE Hair Transplant Process



Duration of treatment

2-4 Hours

Stay in Istanbul

7 Days

Socially acceptable

2 Weeks

FUE Hair Transplant in Turkey FAQ

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A FUE hair transplant can be effective for life. After hair transplants, whether they are FUE or FUT, the donor hair follicles keep their features, enabling healthy development.

With 90% graft survival rates, FUE transplants can be just as effective as the more conventional FUT technique. The success percentage of the treatment can reach 100% with robotic FUE technique.

Common reasons why FUE attempts fail include is post-operative infection. If the transplanted hair follicles or the donor site get infected, the procedure may not be successful in the long run.

While FUE and FUT shouldn't be painful while being performed, the treated areas of the scalp may be sore for a few days after the treatment.

Before returning to their regular routines, we urge patients to take at least 4-5 days off. The majority of patients will recover in under 7 days, even though convalescence is often predicted to last 2 weeks.

The majority of patients often begin to notice new hair growing 3–4 months after any hair loss has taken place, and the follicle and transplant will still be intact.

Most specialist will advise you to hold off wearing a hat or cap for at least ten days.

The transplanted areas can be gently washed after 48 hours, but they shouldn't be exposed to direct shower water. Patients can take a normal shower and shampoo their hair after one week.