Face Lift in Turkey

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What is Face Lift?

Facelift surgery is an individual application. Since the needs of each patient are different, preparations for the surgery are made as a result of the patient-physician joint decision. Although separate procedures are performed in face lift surgery, it is necessary to evaluate the face as a whole. The ratio of each organ to each other, such as eye-to-eye distance, lip-to-nose distance, is carefully calculated. A 3-mm incision is created from the front of the ear for the procedure. SMASS tissues, including subcutaneous fat, muscle, and bone, are affected. Adipose tissue is drawn in either an upward or lateral vector direction. Excess skin is then removed. Finally, the incision scar is hidden by suturing behind the ear. Facelift or Rhytidectomy is the general name of surgical and non-surgical methods performed to give the face a younger appearance.

Face Lift Methods

The operation takes place in two different kinds as follows:

Full Face Lift

In operating room conditions, it is usually performed under general anesthesia and takes 4-6 hours. The skin incision starts from the scalp in the temple area, goes down in front of the ear, passes under the earlobe behind the ear and extends to the scalp. The skin of the cheek and neck is lifted, the loosened and sagging layer of the face, called SMAS, is pulled to the side and upwards and fixed to the places where it should be with sutures. If additional incision and stretching are required in the jowl area, it is performed. Excess parts of the facial skin are removed. Drains are placed to take the accumulated fluid out. The skin incisions are closed with sutures. Combined procedures such as eyelid aesthetics and fat filling are performed if necessary and the surgery is terminated.

Mini Face Lift

Mini Face Lift is performed to make the face younger with smaller interventions in cases where there is not too much sagging on the face. Mini face lift surgery, also known as Mini Face Lift, is the most preferred method for men and women between the ages of 40-50, where sagging is less. ⠀ ⠀

Mini Face Lift is an operation to recover the middle lower half of the face and to remove the small sagging that occurs on the edges of the chin with aging. It is possible to perform this surgery even under local anesthesia. In mini facelift, the incision made in front of the ear is terminated behind the ear, resulting in a shorter scar compared to total facelift surgery. Thus, it provides both a more natural appearance and a faster recovery period. The patient can usually return to his work and social life within 1 week after the operation. The purpose of facelift is not to stretch the skin. It is to collect the soft tissues and connective tissues under the skin.

Face Lift Cost in Turkey

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Before Face Lift Surgery

The majority of people aged 45 and over benefit from this surgery. However, persons who already have drooping and wrinkled skin might get this procedure earlier. You may see the results of this operation if you stretch your cheeks towards your ears in the mirror. This procedure may be appropriate for you, particularly if your neck sags.

Each person's face lift surgery is customized for them based on their unique demands.  First, a physical examination is performed in which the facial anatomy of the person is evaluated. At this point, facelift surgery is scheduled in accordance with the suggestions after the patient's wishes and whether they are appropriate are assessed.

A number of tests are carried out to determine whether the patient is a good candidate for the surgical procedure prior to the face lift surgery. These tests are identical to the ones used before any surgical procedure. Checks are made on the patient's blood and hormone levels as well as any diseases that would preclude surgery. After deciding that the person is a suitable candidate for surgery, the preparation and planning phase is started.

One of the most important issues to be considered before the facelift surgery is the use of blood thinners such as aspirin (including Vitamin E and similar medications), foods (such as garlic, red pepper, turmeric, cherry, kiwi as they increase the risk of bleeding. etc.) and the use of herbal teas is stopped at least 1 week before the surgery. Smoking is another behavior that needs to cease before a facelift. Since smoking negatively affects the healing process of the surgery, it should be stopped at least 3 weeks before and should be avoided during the recovery period.

Hair coloring after facelift surgery is limited to 1 month, therefore it is recommended to dye the hair before facelift surgery.

After Face Lift Surgery

The drain is removed the day after the surgery. The loose dressing is replaced with an elastic bandage, and the patient is asked to use it for a few days. For ten days, ointment should be applied to keep incisions moist. Antibiotic treatment should be completed within 5 days. It is recommended to contact the doctor immediately in case of redness, pain that does not appear normal. In most cases, stitches are removed after 4 to 7 days. The patient should not move much for up to 2 weeks and should not go out to the sun for 6 months. After two weeks, make-up can be applied and the patient is well enough to return to routine life. Regular check-ups are continued until the patient fully recovers. Early post-operative care is completed between 3-month to 1-year.

Face Lift Process



Duration of treatment

2-4 Hours

Stay in Istanbul

7 Days

Socially acceptable

2 Weeks

Face Lift in Turkey FAQ

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It is preferable to travel a few days before surgery so that you can experience Istanbul's lovely environment before the surgery, as the evaluations and tests may be performed on the day of surgery.

You'll start to feel better by the completion of the first week. When you're feeling good, you can explore Istanbul to see the city's layout.

Your face and neck may look younger after a face-lift. But the effects of a facelift fade over time. The skin on the face may start to droop once more as we age. In general, a face-lift should last ten years.

Physical discomfort following a facelift is normally minimal, but the swelling may make you feel as though your face is heavy and deeply damaged. The first night, the bandage under your chin may feel fairly tight.

Deep plane facelifts are frequently the greatest facelift option for people who wish to seem more youthful without looking different or dramatically changing their appearance since they produce the most natural, long-lasting outcome.

The best treatment for jowls, sagging skin, and heavy jowls is a facelift. While it won't completely get rid of wrinkles, it will work to lessen their look. Your body aging cannot be halted by a facelift. But it will aid in revitalizing your appearance and lessen the severity of the wrinkles on your skin.

For a week, refrain from bending over or lifting heavy objects. This may increase blood pressure in addition to exacerbating edema and triggering bleeding. Avoid striking or bumping your face, neck, or head. You should avoid picking up young children after surgery, and you should spend one week sleeping alone.

A "full" facelift involves lifting the entire face. That includes your jawline, neck, eyes, brows, forehead, and eyes. However, a comprehensive facelift requires multiple surgeries. Different operations are advised for particular anatomical regions because you are raising the entire face.

The depressor anguli oris muscle, which is supplied with nerve endings by the marginal mandibular nerve, pulls down the corner of the mouth and lower lip. One of the nerve branches that is most frequently impaired following a facelift is this one. The average recovery time for mobility is 6 to 12 weeks, while full recovery could take longer.

In some circumstances, particularly for patients with hollowness under the eyes, a combination of mid-facelift surgery and injectable facial fillers can assist to improve the undereye area. Lower blepharoplasty surgery is unquestionably the most effective and acceptable treatment for sagging bags beneath the eyes.

A report published in the February edition of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery claims that (the American Society of Plastic Surgeons). Patients who have had a facelift report that they seem on average 12 years younger than before the procedure.

The lips, cheeks, temples, and forehead are the areas where dermal fillers are most frequently employed. In general, individuals with more severe signs of aging are advised to get a facelift, whilst patients with milder signs of aging may benefit more from dermal fillers.