• Uludağ University Medical Faculty
  • Göztepe EAH Urology Specialization Training / 2008
Language: English


  • 2011- Currently Cakmak Erdem Hospital

His Transactions

Kidney and urinary tract stones
Infertility treatment (male infertility)
Testicular cancer, undescended testis, hydrocele, varicocele, cysts and infections in adults and children
Greenlight laser, closed (TUR) and open prostate surgeries
Sexual dysfunctions
Medical and surgical treatment of urinary incontinence (stress incontinence)
Ureteral stones, ureteral cancers/strictures and ureteral infections in adults and children
hypospadias in children
Bladder tumor surgery (TUR-MT)
Surgical treatment of prostate cancer (radical prostatectomy)
Kidney and adrenal gland tumor/cyst surgery (laparoscopic/open)