Discectomy Surgery in Turkey

Rediscover Freedom from Pain with Discectomy Surgery

What is Discectomy Surgery?

A discectomy is a surgical technique that removes a spinal disc partially or fully. The spinal disc is the cushion that divides the vertebrae, which are the bones that comprise your spine. Discectomy is a surgical method used for hernias. It is a surgical procedure mostly used for lumbar disc herniation.

Many people in the world have to live with hernia problems. Doctors who identify the problems and develop solutions have developed a very effective type of surgery for this disease. Discectomy surgery is a reliable yet necessary procedure that has been performed for many years. If the hernia condition cannot be solved without surgery, then the patient should have discectomy surgery with the doctor's diagnosis.

Types of Discectomy Surgeries

There are many types of discectomy surgeries. Examples include microdiscectomy, endoscopic discectomy, laser discectomy, open discectomy, and percutaneous discectomy. Apart from this, there are other types of hernias formed from the spine. These can be listed as cervical hernia, thoracic hernia, lumbar hernia, or lumbosacral hernia.

Your doctor decides which type of hernia you have or which discectomy surgery you will undergo after the examination and tests.

Discectomy Surgery Cost in Turkey

Erdem Hospital offers high-level service under the most favorable conditions. With an online free consultation, the price is determined after the treatment recommended by our doctors. Our prices are offered in all-inclusive packages. All services mentioned below will be included in the price.

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Before Discectomy Surgery

When you go to the doctor with a hernia complaint, the doctor will first examine you, and you will undergo some tests to identify the problem in your spinal cord better. Examples include a general check-up, a blood test, and an MRI.

If the herniated disc in your spinal cord cannot be treated without surgery, then a discectomy will be performed. There are some things to consider before the surgery. First of all, you must follow your doctor's instructions for a successful surgery. Your doctor must know your medical history. If there are medications you use regularly, inform the doctor about them. If you have any diseases, it is also very important to inform the doctor before the surgery.

Your doctor may ask you not to take some medicines. Blood thinners can be given as an example. Do not smoke or drink alcohol before the surgery. The doctor may prescribe some medicines before the surgery. You can take some medicines to relieve your pain and prevent infection; these will prepare you for surgery.

Your doctor decides whether you should be hungry before discectomy surgery but still eat healthy foods. Consuming foods that are easy to digest will be very comfortable for both your health and the surgery.

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After Discectomy Surgery

You may stay in the hospital for a few days after the discectomy surgery; getting up immediately may damage your spinal cord. You may have pain after the surgery; this is normal, and your doctor will prescribe painkillers. Afterward, you can start to move slowly. Depending on the surgery and your injury, your doctor will prepare a special exercise program for you. If the doctor deems it necessary, you can exercise with a physiotherapist after the surgery. Please do not smoke or drink alcohol, even after the surgery. Do not lift heavy weights, do not make sudden movements, and take care to get plenty of rest. In the event of any complications, contact your doctor immediately.

What are the advantages of discectomy surgery?

Herniation in the spine can cause pain in the spine and other parts of the body. Hernia pain, which severely affects the social life and health of the person, is eliminated thanks to discectomy surgery. 

Thanks to this surgery, the pain in your body is eliminated, the healing speed increases, nerve damage is prevented, and the risk of infection or complications is low because this surgery is a minimally invasive method and a very successful surgery.

Discectomy Surgery Process



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Discectomy Surgery in Turkey FAQ

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Avoid intense activities like biking, jogging, weightlifting, or aerobic exercise until your doctor says it's safe. Inquire with your doctor about when you will be able to drive again. For the first 2 to 4 weeks after surgery, avoid driving for more than 30 minutes at a time.

For the first two weeks after surgery, sitting is limited to 20 minutes at a time. Four weeks later, this has doubled to 40 minutes. If you begin to feel nervous, go back to bed or go for a brief walk. By the way, consult your doctor about this.

This question is best answered by your doctor. However, according to our research, it is forbidden to bend over for 4-5 weeks.

A discectomy is thought to be risk-free. However, like with any surgery, there is a possibility of complications such as bleeding, infection, etc.

You will not feel pain during the surgery, but you may experience pain after the surgery; this is quite normal. The doctor will prescribe medication for this.

Lifting or extended bending should be avoided during the first 6 weeks; heavy lifting should be avoided for 6 months; and jogging, football, basketball, and other sports should be avoided for the first 6 months.

Yes, of course, it is important. Discectomy is an important problem that affects the patient's life completely. This surgery is a good solution when non-surgical treatment methods do not work.

Yes, you can run again, but you will have to wait around six months before you can get back to running.

The length of this procedure might range from one to five hours, depending on the outcomes you want.

We recommend bathing for 2–3 weeks after the surgery.

It ranges from 80 to 90 percent.

After a discectomy, the specific physical therapy program lasts four to five weeks.