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What is Dental Implant?

A dental implant is a prosthetic tooth root that is inserted into the jaw to replace a missing tooth. These implants typically resemble screws. Since titanium is perceived by the jawbone as an integral part of the body, titanium implants often have a very high success rate due to their excellent tissue compatibility. The fact that it can be utilized on patients with single tooth defects to those who have no teeth accounts for its widespread use in dentistry. Without affecting the nearby teeth, this application is carried out. The chewing sensation is closest to normal and the possibility of treatment without interfering with other teeth; In the century we live in, implant methods have become one of the most applied treatment methods.

Dental Implant Methods

Dental Implant Cost in Turkey

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Before Dental Implant

During the implant placement procedure, the dentist performs a careful examination to minimize the risk and have a safer treatment.

Blood test

This is a very important preoperative examination, because if the patient is diagnosed with a systemic disease such as hypertension or diabetes, these diseases may be risk factors for the implant procedure.

Oral examination

Gingival height and bite pattern are checked to determine the position and size of the implant. Gum diseases, bite anomalies and dental caries should be treated before the implant procedure. If the implant procedure is completed without treating the gum disease, the bone that should support the implant may also become infected. This type of infection can lead to the risk of losing the implant. Considering their biting behavior, it is very important to correct this parafunction if the patient has bruxism or clenches their teeth, because they can cause problems with the implant.

X-ray examination

Adequate bone mass and thickness are the main keys to successful implant treatment. If the dentist sees that there is not enough bone to support the implant, he or she may recommend artificial bone or PRP treatment as an additional option to make the implant stronger and fused to the bone. Bone volume is determined with the help of x-rays.

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CT examination

This computed tomography allows for cross-sectional photographs that give accurate information about bone height. It is recommended that the patient quit smoking and alcohol before implant surgery. People who cannot quit these lifestyle habits immediately are advised to gradually reduce their drinking and smoking dosage before implant surgery begins. It is necessary to take into account that the patient should be in good health. Also, if the person has a high fever or a bad cold, the implant procedure is rescheduled.

Things Not to Do Before Implant Surgery

  • If sedation is planned for the surgery, no food or water should be consumed 6 hours before the surgery.
  • If you know that you are allergic to penicillin, be sure to share it with your dentist.
  • Try to avoid drinking alcohol the day before the surgery, it may affect the effect of anesthesia.
  • If possible, do not delay your implant procedure; If a tooth is missing for a long time, the risk of bone loss increases.

After Dental Implant

  • Be sure to rest on the day of your dental implant intervention. Some patients may want to play sports or participate in intense activities, but these can cause bleeding, pain, swelling. Another good advice is to sleep with the head supported by two or three pillows to provide better blood flow to the head and also reduce facial swelling.
  • Ice packs should be kept on the relevant part of the face to reduce swelling. Most dentists recommend keeping the ice on for 15 minutes and off for 15 minutes.
  • Taking pain medication immediately after the dentist's instructions will prevent potential hard pain. Pain is easier to prevent than to control once it starts. Try to consume liquid and soft foods for the first two days after the implant.
  • Take care of your oral care. It will be good to rinse the mouth with salt water several times a day. The most important thing is not to force the target area with the tongue or fingers while rinsing. This can cause bleeding from injuring the formed blood clot. The patient should brush his teeth at least twice a day and rinse his mouth with a mouthwash recommended by the doctor. In this way, it will prevent the occurrence of peri-implantitis, an inflammation that is negatively handled by the implant.
  • The patient should not force himself physically.
  • Avoid hot foods or drinks until the numbness in the mouth subsides. Hot drinks can cause swelling or make it last longer if you already have it.
  • The patient should avoid hard and crunchy foods such as carrots or popcorn for the first month. In addition, care should be taken to take protein, vitamins and calcium.
  • Smoking or any alcohol consumption should be avoided. Because the nicotine in the smoke constricts the blood vessels and in this way the blood flow to the soft tissue is reduced. It does not find enough oxygen to respond to actions in the body and can affect the immune system. All this slows down the healing process and also affects the long-term health of bones and gums. The healing process can be compromised by a poor diet, lack of oral hygiene and excessive alcohol consumption.

Dental Implant Process



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Dental Implant in Turkey FAQ

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On the day of the procedure, the examinations can be done. You can choose the day of your arrival based on your preferences for a dental implant treatment.

Please be aware that dental implants can involve one or more surgical operations and can take several months to complete. As a result, you'll probably need to visit your dentist at least twice. Two days in Istanbul are typically plenty for the first visit, but you should budget for six days on the second. There may be a need for multiple visits in more complicated circumstances. Please keep this in mind while planning your trip and treatment budget.

The implant screw itself can last a lifetime with good cleaning and flossing, provided the patient sees a dentist regularly every six months. However, the crown typically has to be replaced after only 10 to 15 years owing to wear and tear.

The pain after the procedure can be measured between two to three in the first 24-48 hours of period.

If you're seeking for inexpensive dental implants, Turkey will provide you with the best products and services available everywhere. Dental implants are frequently recommended as a treatment for some irreversible disorders. Some patients might not comprehend why they require implants because they are aware of how expensive they are.

  • Removing a damaged tooth.
  • When necessary, jawbone preparation (grafting).
  • Placing dental implants.
  • Bone development and repair
  • Placing an abutment.
  • Placing artificial teeth.

The titanium implant will be inserted into your jawbone just below the gum line by your dentist. The time required for this procedure to insert each implant ranges from one to two hours. Most dentists will wait around 3 months after this stage is over before doing the final restoration of the tooth replacement.

An "instant dental implant" is a treatment that allows clients who want to have a dental implant installed the same day as a tooth extraction. The process of placing a crown or dental bridge to replace the damaged tooth is known as "immediate loading."

Swelling in your face and around your gums, moderate bruising, soreness at the implant site, and little bleeding are all anticipated side effects. Hard foods are typically discouraged during the healing process, and your oral surgeon may advise you to take painkillers or antibiotics following surgery to speed up your recovery.

The rate of complications is only 5 to 10% on average. Dental implants come with a number of hazards and potential issues, such as infection, harm to healthy teeth, fractures of the jaw, delayed bone healing, nerve damage, and more.

It has been suggested that the pain experienced during tooth extraction is more intense than it is during the implant installation process.

However, not everyone is a good candidate for implants, and strangely the bone is usually the culprit. It's possible that there isn't enough bone to adequately support an implant if a patient has experienced severe bone volume loss, whether as a result of illness or the prolonged loss of their natural teeth.