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What is Body Hair Transplant?

An intensive hair transplant is one of the factors that ensure success in the hair transplant process. In other words, even if you have very good technical knowledge and make the angle, direction, and hairline of the natural hair, if you cannot make an intensive hair transplant, this success will be overshadowed. Consequently, enhancing density is a key objective of hair transplant procedures. For this, it is necessary to increase the source of the hair follicles to be transplanted.

Denser hair transplantation can be done by using body hair as a hair source apart from the traditionally used nape area. This is called body hair transplant.

In order to ensure naturalness, attention should be paid to the following issues besides density:

  • The doctor will decide on a hair transplant line that is compatible with the facial structure.
  • When planning a transplant, employ single grafts beginning at the planting line and numerous grafts in the center or volume-providing grafts as needed.
  • To ensure that the hair's planting angle and direction are suitable with the location where it is naturally planted. It should generally be planted in the proper direction and at an angle of 40 to 45 degrees. Those who require body hair for hair transplantation are likely to have more issues with hair loss. Therefore, it is important to arrange the planting of each root carefully after it has been collected.

Nape area: The main donor area in hair transplants.

The traditional source of hair transplant operation is the nape region. The primary donor area is this region.  The reason why it is preferred is that it has almost the same features as the hair in the front.

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It is the region between the two ears, to make a full definition. The features that make the hair in this area valuable are as follows:

  • These hairs are genetically coded not to fall out. They are minimally affected by the hormones that trigger shedding.
  • This hair is the same as normal hair in terms of growth pattern.
  • It is the hair that looks more natural as it is equally affected by the effects of the other hairs in the hairy area from the outer area.
  • It is in multiple grafts like normal hair. In other words, there may be a little more than 2 hairs on average in one root. For example, these roots can contain 2, 3, 4 or more hairs, or they can be single.

These features are proof that these hairs are ideal.

Using Body Hair in Hair Transplantation

Hair follicles to be used outside the nape area can be taken from a few areas in the area to be transplanted. These are in order of importance:

  • Beard area
  • Chest area
  • Other bodily regions (back, legs, etc.)

These areas can also be expressed as other hairy areas of the body.

Hair Roots Taken from the Beard Area

Beard hairs are characteristically closer to the nape hair follicles than other body regions.

The growth rates of the hair follicles taken from the beard show some difference compared to the hair on the nape. Hair has a lifespan of 4-5 years and is expected to grow 1-1.5 cm per month. The beard, on the other hand, has a similar lifespan but grows a little slower.

A feature of beard roots is that they are often single. In other words, there will not be two or three hairs in a root as in the nape region.

Beard hair is thick. While a normal hair fiber thickness has a diameter of 0.04-0.06 mm, the diameters in the beard roots can even exceed an average of 0.08 to 0.1 mm. These are undoubtedly circumstances that can differ from one to person.

Chest Area Hair Roots

Hair follicles taken from the chest area consist of single hair follicles, like the hair follicles in the beard area. When extracted from the chest, hair follicles grow more slowly than beard roots. They are expected to grow 5-6 cm at most. These hair follicles usually grow in a more curved way, not straight. They are thinner.

Hair Roots in Other Body Parts (Back, Leg, etc.)

The hair follicles in this area have some traits with those in the chest region. In hair transplantation planning, all of the hair follicles taken from the body (beard, chest, etc.) are used as thickening roots in the middle regions, not in the anterior border regions.

Body Area Hair Planning for Hair Transplantation

In hair transplantation, it is first tried to collect as many hair follicles as possible without damaging the nape area. The hair follicles taken from the beard area will then be taken next. When planning hair transplantation, instead of planning to collect hair from the chest area first, it is preferred the beard area where more hair follicles can be taken.

Body Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey

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Body Hair Transplant in Turkey FAQ

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Patients who have a score of 8 or above have more body hair than scalp hair that is appropriate for a body hair transplant donor supply.

The majority of people report noticeable changes in hair growth after about six months. The complete results of the surgery are almost always visible after a year, and it is permanent.

Grafts must live and adapt to new environments for hair transplants to be successful. According to clinical research, 85–95 percent of all implanted grafts readily take root in the transplanted location.

The length of hairs after transplantation of body hair is a matter of contention It is barely longer than the length of the body hair.

Yes, a hair transplant can use hair from any area of the body. The body hair transplant, however, it is not the best option.

The terminal hair that grows on the human body during and after puberty is known as body hair, or androgenic hair. It can be distinguished from vellus hair, which is less noticeable and much finer and lighter in color.

In addition to head hair, body hair can also be utilized as a donor for hair transplants. Beard and chest hair transplants are the best option for that.

Yes. For the patients with alopecia, the neck has the option of undergoing hair restoration surgery.