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What is BBL?

Butt fat injection, hip aesthetics, or, more popularly known, Brazilian butt lift (BBL) surgery is a body shaping surgery performed to remove the deformed, smaller or larger than normal sizes, flattened, sagging appearance over time. In this surgery, fat is taken from other parts of the body with vaser liposuction and injected into the empty areas of the hip area, that is, the deformed areas are filled with fat injection and shaped. With this surgery, fat is removed from unwanted parts of the body first. In other words, the first part of this surgery is Liposuction. The fats taken are used as fillers for the necessary places. The surgery plan is evaluated according to the form of the body, the waist is thinned, the excess fat in the hips is reduced where it should not be, and fat is injected into the missing places with special cannulas to make it look fuller and upright, and shaping is performed.

BBL Methods

It might take more than just study the butt to get the ideal butt image. It is best to assess each buttock, waist, waist-butt transition, hip, leg, and even abdomen separately before doing it all at once. The appropriate adjustments should be done for each one of them independently in order to attain the ideal ratio.  For achieving it there two different model of operation.

Fat Injection

A popular aesthetic surgery is the buttock contouring approach with hip fat injection. It is preferred because it is quick, easy to perform, easy to clean up after, and produces incredibly impressive effects. The transition from the waist to the hip area can be made more aesthetically pleasing with the Vaser liposuction technique. As a result, the hip gets slimmer and more rounded. Vaser Liposuction allows for the injection of fats containing stem cells into the butt during the same procedure, giving the buttocks a more long-lasting appearance. There can be some minor pain following the procedure, which can be managed. A 1-night hospital stay is usually recommended. Those who have vaser liposuction along with butt fat injection should use a special corset for 3 weeks. Patients can return to routine life in 3-5 days.

Buttock Prosthesis Silicone

Butt lift and volume augmentation with prostheses are possible. After surgery, there is often a 6 to 8 cm scar in the center of the hip that blends in with the folds. Compared to the fat injection procedure, the recovery period is a little more uncomfortable and takes longer. If the prosthesis implanted on the butt are formed with the fat removed by vaser liposuction, the result can be more realistic and efficient.

Butt Lifting

Stretching operations should be performed on sagging butts with rapid and excessive weight gain or aging. Excess skin may be cut off, if necessary, then filler is placed. The operation is accomplished while the patient sedated. It's necessary to spend one night in the hospital. The second week is when stitches are removed. Within 15 days of the procedure, it is possible to resume normal activities. For 45 days, heavy sports should be avoided. Light exercises like walking and cardio can be resumed after 30 days. The scars left behind from butt lift-stretching surgery may grow hazy and dissolve with time.

BBL Cost in Turkey

Erdem Hospital offers high-level service under the most favorable conditions. With an online free consultation, the price is determined after the treatment recommended by our doctors. Our prices are offered in all-inclusive packages. All services mentioned below will be included in the price.

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Before BBL Operation

It is important that the person is willing and psychologically ready for a successful surgery. The examinations of the surgeon and the demands of the person are decided on the technique to be used during the surgery. Before the surgery, the health tests deemed necessary by the doctor will be applied. A general anesthetic will be used throughout the procedure. There are rules that the person must comply with before coming to the surgery.

  • 24 hours before to the procedure, stop smoking.
  • Alcohol is not good for any kind of operation. Stop to consume alcohol one week before the procedure.
  • Blood-thinners are one of the enemies for the surgeries. If you are using it, stop using and let your doctor know about it.
  • If you have a chronic disease, tell your doctor before surgery.
  • Avoid or very restrict caffeine-containing foods and beverages for 24 hours before surgery.
  • Remove nail polish from your finger. (The oxygen level of the patient under general anesthesia is primarily monitored from the nails)
  • Talk to your doctor about the last time you need to eat.

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After BBL Operation

It is recommended to sleep face down for at least 15 days after BBL surgery. In order to preserve the shape after the surgery, it is necessary not to sit on the buttocks for the first 15 days. The butt pillow given by the doctor should be placed under the legs and the butt should be placed outside. Standing is not a problem. It is recommended to wash with a corset for the first 1 week after the surgery. When the corset is removed, it can be difficult to put on.

The corset should be worn for at least 6 weeks. It is important to use a corset after BBL surgery. If fat was injected into the buttock in this surgery, a corset will be attached to the patient during the surgery. It is important to use correct and high-quality corsets after the surgery. It should not lose its elasticity immediately. It is required by the doctor to wear a corset for an average of eight weeks. Postoperative lying position should be adjusted well. Lying position after BBL surgery is as important as in other surgeries. When fat is injected into the buttocks with butt pads, the patient can be prevented from lying on his/her face with pillows with an empty middle. Sleeping drugs should not be used in the postoperative period. It is not desired as it may cause the risk of uncontrolled movement during sleep. The prescribed drugs must be used regularly. Massage is recommended to the patient after the surgery.

Excess skin occurs because subcutaneous adipose tissue is reduced. The body tightens the excess skin, but your massage will help for this tightening process. Swimming in the sea or pool is recommended one month after the operation. Because it creates a hydrotherapy effect. There is a situation that needs attention after BBL surgery. Swimming is a very effective exercise for working out the muscles. For this reason, the doctor may recommend swimming in the pool or sea after a longer period of time. Therefore, it is useful to consult a doctor. Cleaning the toilet after BBL surgery is also very important.

Cleaning should be done from back to front. If the dressing is thought to be contaminated, wound cleaning should also be done. One should sit on the toilet in a position with legs slightly open, feet pulled back, body and legs coming to the same plane. Because the butt muscles become the most relaxed in this position. In other words, the butt muscles are not forced in this position. The BBL technique affects the time to start sports. If the BBL surgery was performed using the fat injection method, sports can be started soon after.

You can start walking at a fast pace after the first month. After the second month, the patient can start to do the sports he wants. If surgery was performed by placing a prosthesis on the buttock, the patient should start with slow movements in the first month and should not exceed the daily walking speed. A second month should be waited for faster walking, and at least six months should be waited for compelling exercises such as squats.

After BBL surgery, smoking and alcohol use are undesirable as they impair tissue nutrition. Smoking delays wound healing. Alcohol use reduces the effect of the medication. The interaction of medications with alcohol also creates a separate risk factor. When the use of medication is forgotten or done incorrectly, the doctor should definitely be told. In addition, if the dressing areas get wet while taking a shower, the doctor should be told if any impact is received on the operation area. Thus, problems can be prevented with early prevention and intervention. Patients feel that they should hide such situations from doctors. It should be remembered that the doctor is there to help you with the setbacks that will occur after this surgery and the problems that may arise from these setbacks. Care should be taken not to gain or lose weight after the surgery. After BBL surgery, healthy foods should be preferred. Fresh fruit and vegetables, lean protein, low-fat milk and complex carbohydrate mixtures can be consumed. The body's healing process can be reduced by taking all the necessary vitamins and minerals for the body.

BBL Process



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3-4 Hours

Stay in Istanbul

6 Days

Socially acceptable

2 Weeks

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BBL in Turkey FAQ

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Our specialists advised that it is better for you to do your examinations completely before the day of operation. As you may need to prepare yourself psychologically it is ideal for you to come to Turkey 2-3 days before the Brazilian butt lift operation.

You would need 7–14 days to recover. But you will be able to perform your daily tasks by the end of the first week following the BBL operation. Don't forget to check out Istanbul's stunning attractions!

The Brazilian Butt Lift, often known as the BBL, is described as "a specialized fat transfer therapy that augments the size and contour of the buttocks without implants" by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery.

Through a liposuction operation, surgeons can remove the fat that has been injected into the buttocks. The buttocks may return to their previous form, appearance, and sensation, though this is not guaranteed.

es referred to as an abdominoplasty, is a cosmetic surgical operation to change the way the abdomen looks and feels.

Your buttocks won't stabilize for three to six months. Most patients may expect their Brazilian butt lift results to last for at least five years. In certain cases, the effects of surgery can last a decade if you treat it to get the best results.

A Brazilian butt lift can alter the contours of your entire body, including your hips, waist, and even your buttocks. combined to assist you in undergoing a total metamorphosis.

The best candidates for a Brazilian butt lift are overweight to at the edge of their average weight range (18.5-24.9). (25.0-29.9). To encourage a healthier healing process, it is advised that you drop a small amount of weight if your BMI is considered obese, which is 30.0 or over.

It's crucial to realize that the fat that has been moved as part of a BBL is still subject to these changes in size as you put on or lose weight. You can anticipate the area where you had a fat transfer to enlarge if you acquire weight following your BBL.

Your waistline will become smaller after the physician uses liposuction to remove extra belly fat. Because the fat removal balances their waist to hip and buttocks ratio, many plus-size patients need less fat injected back into the buttocks to get their optimum shape.

The BBL may be worthwhile if you seek a long-lasting alteration in your body shape because the effects last. The fat cells that are implanted in the buttocks are intended to last for many years, and those that were removed by liposuction shouldn't grow back there.

Both forms of treatment are safe. The important thing here is to choose a good hospital and a good doctor. Your doctor will choose the most effective treatment according to your health conditions.

The use of implants for butt enlargement is a more intrusive operation with longer recovery times. A BBL offers a more organic technique to increase form and volume while gaining the additional advantage of liposuction in a different area. With smaller incisions and reduced recovery time, a BBL is less intrusive.