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All on 4 in Turkey

Transform Your Smile with All-on-4: The Ultimate Solution for a Brighter Future!

What is All on 4?

In cases where there is bone deficiency in the posterior regions, it is possible to make fixed prostheses without the need for advanced surgery by using angled implants with the All on 4 technique. The advantages are;

  • It is the technique of making fixed dental prosthesis on the same day, with a single surgical procedure, in edentulous patients.
  • Sinus elevation surgery does not include any advanced surgical procedures such as bone addition.
  • It is planned according to the person.
  • Cleaning and maintenance is easier than conventional methods.
  • It is suitable for patients who cannot use removable dentures and have nausea reflex.
  • Its design is different compared to full dental prostheses.
  • The number of sessions required is less.

Before All on 4 Operation

This treatment can be applied to all edentulous (no teeth) patients who do not have any systemic disease that may prevent dental implant surgery and have sufficient bone volume. Temporary dental prosthesis fixed on dental implants after the procedure can be used immediately. However, in the 3-month period, which is the process of fusion of dental implants and bone, patients should be fed with a recommended diet. After this process is completed, it is possible to return to the normal diet with the permanent prosthesis to be made.

Before the treatment, surgical planning is made with the help of panoramic x-rays and dental volumetric tomography. Implants are placed with a simple surgery. On the same day, the temporary dental prosthesis is fixed on the dental implants. During the three-month healing period, it is necessary to avoid very hot, cold, solid, hard and sticky foods. After three months, when the fusion process of the bone is completed, permanent dental prostheses are inserted. You can switch to a normal diet.

After All on 4 Operation

One of the frequently asked questions is who can benefit from the treatment applied with the All on 4 technique. First of all, let us state that patients who have lost all their teeth can benefit from this treatment. However, prosthetic teeth can be applied with this technique when the remaining teeth that have lost most of their teeth must be extracted.

However, of course, it is necessary to extract the remaining teeth before the treatment. Let us also convey the information that this treatment is recommended especially for patients with high bone loss in the back of the lower and upper jaw. It is very important that patients start using dentures on the same day. In this way, speech and feeding problems can be prevented, and patients with bone loss can also benefit from prosthetic tooth application with peace of mind.

If various problems such as gingival disorders are detected during the pre-treatment examination, first of all, a treatment is applied to eliminate these problems.

All on 4 in Turkey Process



Duration of treatment

6-8 Hours

Stay in Istanbul

3 Days

Socially acceptable

1 Week

All on 4 Cost in Turkey

8 Implant + 16 Zirconium Crowns
All inclusive package
  • Free consultation
  • 5 nights in a 5 star hotel in Istanbul
  • Pre/post-operative testing
  • Cost for laboratory
  • Medication and Equipment
  • All round VIP transfer
  • 7/24 Support
  • Assistants speak English

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All on 4 in Turkey FAQ

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Few days would be enough for your all preparation before the All on 4 procedure.

Recovery time may vary between 5-10 days. You should plan your vacation accordingly.


A fixed prosthesis with 10 to 14 teeth is supported by the four implants and is put in place right away, usually 24 hours after surgery.


Due to the lack of nerve endings in the all-on-four dental implant arch, patients may develop biting issues. The absence of nerve endings also affects chewing. Therefore, until they establish secure chewing habits with their new teeth, patients must be instructed on how to chew properly and consume slowly.


The durability of All-in-4 implants has been demonstrated over time. In fact, studies indicate that with proper maintenance, they can survive 20 years or longer. The implant posts shouldn't ever need to be changed; however, your denture will wear out over time.


  • Use Super Floss beneath the bridge after each meal.
  • Use a water pick and 1/4 water and antibacterial non-alcohol mouthwash.
  • To clean more thoroughly, use an electric toothbrush.


Patients with poor dental health in the past and underlying problems that would make recovering from implant surgery challenging or abnormally slow are not excellent candidates for All on 4.


Recovery from All-on-4 dental implants can take up to six months. Your quality of life might be enhanced, and your self-esteem can rise as a result of receiving new permanent replacement teeth.


In all-on-four dental implant surgery, a denture arch (prosthetic teeth and gums) that looks, feels, and functions naturally is permanently placed in place using just four dental implants.


With all-on-4 dental implants, you can replace a whole arch of teeth with a quick, minimal procedure. All-on-4 dental implants don't require placing individual screws to attach each replacement tooth; rather, they are placed precisely and strategically on the top or bottom of your mouth (or both).


It is necessary for all dental implant surgeries to be performed under some sort of anesthetic or sedation, but how much is entirely up to you and how comfortable you want to be.


They are fixed to the mouth with four or more implants put across the jawbone, and they are made to look natural. Yes, it is occasionally possible to get food stuck under them, but you can typically fix this issue with a little forethought and the proper care.